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All members are singer/rapper/songwriters. They are well known in Korea, Japan, China, and the US (they all speak English fluently) for their hit songs "Fly", "Day of Peace", and "Paris" (AMAZING songs by the way. AMAZING group in general!!!).

Albums -

1. Map of the Human Soul (2004)
2. High Society (2004)
3. Swan Songs (2005)
4. Black Swan Songs {Repackage} (2006)

Awards -

1. 2005 KBS Korean Music Awards, The Artists of the Year
2. 2005 SBS Korean Music Awards, The Artist of the Year (Category - Hip Hop)
3. 2005 Korean Golden Disk Awards, Best Hip-Hop Artist
4. 2005 MNET KM Music Video Festival Awards, Best Hip-Hop Music Video

They have also appeared in countless TV shows around the globe.

In addition to all, this is not your standard hip-hop group. Their songs do not deal with money, cars, girls, etc., but allong with emotional issues, they deal with real world problems and spread and bring insight and new ideas through their music. Also, they are about sensitive and extremly contraversial social issues (world peace, the gap between the rich and the poor, capitalism, etc.)
Epik High is a Korean hip-hop group.
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by music=life April 07, 2006
Tablo, also known as Daniel Armand Lee or À̼º¿î, is the leader of a korean hip-hop/rap group called Epik High. Epik High consists of three people ~

(MC) Tablo - Leader/Lead Rap and Vocals
(MC) Mithra Jin - Secondary Rap and Vocals
TuKutz - DJ (this kids got magic fingers)

Date of Birth: July 22nd 1980
Place of Birth: Korea (then moved to Canada when he was 8)
High School: Seoul International High School
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, reading books
Favorite musicians: Marvin Gaye, Nas, Loveholic, Nell, Kim Tae Woo

Before his debut in Korea, he was part of an underground group called the 4n Objects. Tablo has completed his Masters degree in English Literature at Stanford University in 2002. He was also a Creative Writing major. It is also rumored that he was at the top of his class. He speaks fluent English, Korean, and Japaneese. He has been in countless music, drama, award, comedy, and game shows.
Tablo was born on July 22, 1980.
#epik high #stanford university #4n objects #rap #korea
by music=life April 07, 2006
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