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An eye that drifts aimlessly. It gives the person who owns it a semi-retarted look. Sometimes sexy on men.
1."Is he looking at me?"
"Bitch, that is just his lazy eye!!"

2. With that lazy eye she probably cheats on all her tests. I know I would.
#lazy #eye #scene #gay #firecrotch
by murkalurka January 25, 2009
Really annoying, slutty woman that is everywhere I turn.
I don't really even know what she looks like, because she wears ten pounds of makeup every time I see her. She has one catchy song, and I hate myself for liking it.
She can't really dance... or sing. She tries to rip off a look from the 80's and someone should really let her know that it is not working out for her.
I want to push her down a well.
"Did you see that new Lady GaGa video?"
"The one where she humped that whale?"
"Yeah, I think Marilyn Manson was her makeup artist for that one."
#lady #gaga #annoying #butch #slut
by murkalurka January 25, 2009
Piercings that can usually be found on emo children. Commonly found on the bottom lip. Also known as cock rails, for some people.
"Every scene kid and their cat has snakebites now."
#emo #scene #gay #piercings #bites
by murkalurka January 25, 2009
Really awesome club that used to exist. Took place in Quincy, Illinois. The people in it were the most awesome bitches ever.
"Earth, Fire, Wind, STRATUM SQUAD!"
#stratum #squad #quincy #illinois #awesome
by murkalurka January 25, 2009
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