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Laughter is Happening.

In the event that you wish to alert someone that laughter is in fact happening.
*Via Textual communication*

Girl one: I slapped him for being a jerk.
Girl two: LIH. he deserved it.

Boy one: She was totally into me last night.
Boy two: Dude, I totally scored with her last night. LIH
by muppetmastera April 14, 2009
Peeing on Floor

When LOL or one of those other acronyms isn't nearly enough to express how silly you feel something is. This acronym goes above and beyond simply laughing out loud.

When spoken it is pronounced "Pawff"
*via textual communication*

Person One: My little sister somehow convinced me to see the Hannah Montana Movie with her.

Person Two: POF!
by muppetmastera April 14, 2009

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