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A complicated yet entertaining sex act involving a man in a kilt and a well endowed woman in a bodice. The woman lies on her back on a tavern bench while the man straddles her face, thrusting his erect penis betwixt her bodice induced cleavage whilst receiving a rimjob from her conveniently positioned tongue. For an authentic performance the man should be holding a drinking horn and a turkey leg, shouting "Huzzah!" upon climax.
We drank so much meade we got arrested for doing the renfaire kilt surprise right there in the tavern.
by muppet pelt October 30, 2011
Abuse induced anal prolapse in an extreme state of swell. Caused by repeated anal fisting, huge toy use, or relentless donkey dick ass pounding followed by bearing down to intentionally push the rectum inside out. The result is a rosebud so swollen it resembles a large peeled beefsteak tomato. Named in homage to Zap Rowsdower, the greatest Canadian hero, due to their similar level of physical appeal.
I was on chat roulette and watched this chick pull a two liter from her bum and pop out a Rowsdower the size of a grapefruit.
by muppet pelt October 30, 2011

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