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20 definitions by munyuck

1.To wreck and break or destroy an object or matter perhaps even sometimes clumsily without intent.
2.To turn gold into shit or make worthless.
1.My pc is fuckerized now that I let the virus in.
2.She fuckerized my life when she left me and took my for everything I had, that fucking} bitch.
by munyuck October 05, 2008
12 9
The art of melting your ear wax so your ear canal hairs can detect muffled words when somebody accidently dials you from there mobile phone pocket.It causes an instant thumb lock over the microphone of your mobile phone.
mobile phone rings"hello,hello?"
you hear humming wind and a motor in someones car,10 seconds laps and you hear a distant voice then you instantly thumb lock and earstrain takes a hold of what you are doing.
by munyuck February 02, 2009
3 1
A breed of dog that sniffs other dogs dates.
man walking in park with pomeranian on leash:"Hey! your dog just sniffed my dogs date"
Proud owner:"yes I know he is a Calendar Dog"
by munyuck February 02, 2009
3 2
To ruin someones joy or good fortune.
as in someone trying to slander or ruin a good situation or event for you.
It can be used as expression anytime somebody reacts in a negative way to your good luck or situation.
She was jealous i had a new hot boyfriend...she lied and told him that i was sleeping around behind his back,she was just trying to poo poo it for me.
by munyuck October 12, 2008
28 29
To rip drag and grab someone in a fight by the hair.To pull out their hair and actually remove some.To literally try and dehair them without descalping
To make the enemy scream and cripple them by pulling their hair in a fight.
1"What did you call me?come here and say it to my face cunt.I'm gonna fucking wig ya!
2.He hit hit me first so i fuckin wigged that prick.
by munyuck October 05, 2008
16 18
A man walking through airport terminal sideways is said to be going to Bangkok.
Also well known phrase by Confuscious who was a wise old chinese man.
"Hey look ,That man is walking sideways through the airport terminal ...he must be going to bangkok."
by munyuck October 12, 2008
25 38