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2 definitions by muntumbo mo klik

One of those people in their late 20s or early 30s, or even mid to late 30s who has never held any kind of full time job, barely has a degree worth mentioning (usually in something assinine like liberal arts or women's native's lesbian's studies) and is still trying to get juust a few more courses before they can start their PHD..... and eventually retire at 75 with several million in student loan debts and never having worked a day in their life (aside from mandatory TA positions).
All of the sophomores had a class with Johnny, a 35 year old permastudent who has been stretching his final year of university over the past decade.....
by muntumbo mo klik December 12, 2006
To be confirmed of the highest quality by peoples of African-American descent.
Damn, that weed is boniggafide! Gonna gets me a bong goin with tha homies!
by muntumbo mo klik September 08, 2006