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Boots that are leather, highheeled, and thigh high just like ones found on a prostitute.
She best take off those prostiboots before someone asks her what she charges!
by Munky April 16, 2003
'Yssup' is derived from spelling 'Pussy' backwards. It is the best way to get away with saying it in front of people who hate the P word.
When the menses be havin a sausage party, the girls throw the yssup party!...or Stop being such a yssup
by Munky November 07, 2003
slightly irregular creature, can be seen at dusk scuttling towards a buffet.
omg its krenken.. hes going for that food.!
by Munky January 29, 2005
Pimp Mack Daddy
My name is PMD Martin
by munky June 10, 2004
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