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Using a crash cart to deliberately induce the expulsion of genital body fluids from a fresh corpse. This is typically done when one does not have a munging partner and instead must resort to his/her own devices. Commonly carried out by medical students and EMTs, who have access to both crash carts and fresh corpses.
Man, I just got done with my midterm physiology exams, I think I'm going to go for an Electric Mung tonight.
by mungolian September 17, 2007
A popsicle made of mung milk, collected in a mung bucket and then individually frozen frozen for later consumption and/or insertion into various bodily cavities.
Hey honey, will you go grab a coupla mungsicles out of the freezer? Temo's coming over tonight.
by mungolian May 24, 2008
A blueberry mung is when a person mungs the corpse of another person that happened to die right when they had blue balls. This specific type of mung yields an extraordinary amount of mung juice per dig, though it should be noted that electric blueberry mungs should be avoided due to the fact that the corpse's testicles may explode into the face of the munger, thereby wasting precious mung juice.
Dude, that geezer died right before he busted a nut with Misty, I bet he'd make for a great Blueberry Mung!
by mungolian September 17, 2007

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