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Metallica's 8th studio album, recorded without the band's bassist (bassist Jason Newsted left prior to the recording), producer Bob Rock, who also produced all of Metallica's albums from their 91 self-titled album played bass, as well as co-wrote all of the album.

St.Anger was self lauded by Metallica to be "a return to their roots", while in fact this album is a somewhat lazy attempt at hopping on the nu-metal trend.

Many key basic musical elements any album requires are missing in this album, such as : proper production, balance, a vocalist who sings in key, drums which don't sound like tin cans etc..

Riding on the tsunami of success Metallica experienced during the 90s, this album started as the fastest selling Metallica album, but backlash from the utter horror this album is to listen to eventually led it to become their worst selling.

St. anger was a huge flop for Metallica. In fact, it was such a flop that by the middle of the supporting tour for st. anger Metallica played less than 5 st. anger songs on each set. By the end of the tour they were playing only one or two, heavily modified version of the original st. anger songs.

St. Anger means more than just a sellout, it means a sellout done bad, very very bad.

St. Anger is considered a flop not just within the Metallica fanbase and the world of rock/metal music, but it is considered a synonym and the epitome of a flop and self-parody.

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guy #1 : Dude, did you hear the new Cryptopsy album? that shit is horrible!

guy #2 : yeah they totally pulled a st.anger on us


see other st.anger-esque albums :

Celtic Frost - Cold Lake
Megadeth - Risk
Cryptopsy - The Unspoken king


Windows ME is sooo st. anger
by munchlord April 24, 2008

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