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When old musicians work with the the "hip" and "now" producers to make a comeback record. The term is named after the late great Johnny Cash's records with Rick Rubin (no disrespect intended - very respectable records). This tactic has been employed by the likes of Paul McCartney (w/ Nigel Godrich) and by easily the hardest sell of all, Neil Diamond (also w/ Rubin). In many cases the record turns out to be a good one, but the motivations are so transparent that it deserves to be acknowledged for what it is. Often times these records only succeed in gaining the artist back some of their long lost cred. When this occurs look for commercial placement to help recoup album costs.
Guy #1 "Yo - you hear that new Neil Diamond record??"
Guy #2 "Fuck no! That dude blows! I just know the one that my mom always puts on when she cleans the house."
Guy #1 "Yeah, but Rick Rubin produced this one!"
Guy #2 "Fuck that guy. He's clearly just cashing in."
by mumra April 06, 2006
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