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2 definitions by mullies

mulgrave is situated in the south east of melbourne it is a place where everybody wishes they could live. Commonly known as the "ghetto" or "bronx" as the younger greek or italian generation like to call it for its rough edge, punchons usually occur in mulgrave and stabbings are no surprise. According to the people in mulgrave, rowville is for the rich cunts, dandy is a hole, and glen waverley is a bit upper class and springvale is abit well weird. So mulgrave is stuck in the middle and is pretty much the perfect society. Communism would work in Mulgrave because everyone is equal and shares the same point of view that mulgrave is the best. whether you live in the shit or good side of mulgrave you are a mulgravian and proud of it
mulgrave is the fuckn best...........................
by mullies August 18, 2006
58 25
a shopping centre situated in the south eatern suburbs of melbourne. anybody who lives in the area is embarrest to say they are going there to their mates but in reality they love the place and are there at least once a week. It has a bad reputatoon for punchons but hey, we love wavos and it shits on chaddy. What has chaddy got hat wavos havent??? its has coles, safeway, bakers delight, target, sportsco and maccas wat else can you ask for. The movies are 5 bucks and it was a place where many locals got their first piece of the opposite sex. There usually are alot of tryhards their with adidas trackies and who loves himself and thinks hes connected.
where u going after school man?
hahaha wata shitcunt
aight man im coming where we going maccas??
yer man les go
by mullies August 18, 2006
31 6