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You are hungry. Or just want to eat. You actually don't really even need to be hungry. It occurs if/when there is food, the smell of food, talking about getting food, or if you hear someone thinking about food.
I know I just ate literally all of the food at the buffet 10 minutes ago, but I'm totally barnesing for more food.
by Muhfucker August 11, 2014
This is when your wife/girlfriend/partner is shopping in a store, and they are trying something on that they like and want you to buy, but then when they come out of the dressing room you have mysteriously vanished.

Your partner will look around the store and not see you, and the husband chair will be cold and empty because you weren't sitting in it. This usually happens at malls, and you, assuming that you're a guy, have casually walked out to some store for yourself, or to grab a coffee.
Girlfriend: Hey hun I'm gonna try this shirt on it'll look so good on me!

Me: All right.

*Girlfriend goes in dressing room*

*I pull the casual ditch, and walk away from my girlfriend and her store to go grab a big ass cup of coffee because I look cool walking around with it and I need to wake up(sarcasm)*
by muhfucker October 26, 2007
A Timmy* Attack is when you have a craving for some Tim Hortons coffee and a box of doughnuts to the point where you can't even focus on driving because all you can think of is caffeine which you are hooked on.

*Timmy is referring to Timmy's, or Tim Hortons the coffee/doughnut shop found around Canada and a bit of the U.S. Some Canadian's refer to Tim Hortons as Timmy's, therefore a craving for Timmy's is a Timmy Attack.

"I'm havin' a timmy attack wanna go to timmy's and grab a coffee???"
by muhfucker October 26, 2007

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