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Real Feelings , F'real Feelings. A Mix of Real and Feelings , FREALINGS
A: Oh for real dog? You got feelings for her?
B: Yeah, I got these frealings that makes me love her man
by Muffinmen1022 May 18, 2009
U.G.O is short for U Got Owned. It may be used in video games, mostly multiplayer ones.
*After getting a headshot* "Oh! UGO!"
by MUFFINMEN1022 April 28, 2008
Short for fibber

N. A Liar/ Hypocrite

V. Fibbin: To lie or be mistaken
Ex.1: Carina: I hate when people call me at night
Jason: You call me every night when I'm trying to sleep, You Fibz!

Ex. 2: Carina: I have a hot date tonight!
Jason: You Fibz, I know you're just running errands today!
by muffinmen1022 August 15, 2010

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