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13 definitions by muffington p. weathersby

Children produced in an effort to increase government funded aid.
D-Bone really enjoyed Janene's fine white badonkadonk... but those 9 welfare hobbits kept her from closing tha deal.
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
40 4
n: a fat, greasy, Napolionic ass plug, who practices martial arts at the third grade level.
That faggot ass nidan Vince was really getting ass raped by those girl scouts at WalMart.
by Muffington P. Weathersby July 17, 2008
37 9
n: the word.
"Legs is the word, so spread the word.
by Muffington P. Weathersby November 12, 2008
49 29
Ramon noodles smothered in enchilada sauce.
Consuelo was surprised to find her wedding reception dinner was Mexican Spaghetti
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
16 3
v: when you go to cum in a girls face, but have been so sexually depleted that you end up antiqueing her in stead.
Shiela counted on Brad's baby batter bankruptcy in order to replace the spilled ashes of her dearly departed uncle Sal.
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
20 8
n: the image left on the bottom of tha bowl, after flushing a particularly dense piece of shit.
"Sarah won her clam chowder cook off, then made a poop painting of an Aztec warior fighting a panther... while an electric storm brewed in the distance."
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 29, 2008
12 0
When you do her from behind, wrapping her legs around your waist like a belt, while she clings to her walker like motorcycle handlebars.
While you were at the movies I was really given it your Grandma Country Kitchen Buffet Style.
by Muffington P. Weathersby April 30, 2008
18 8