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Female private part, i.e hoo-haor vagina
She didn't have any panties on, and when she bent over we all saw her TUTU!
by Muffin January 27, 2005
Excellent action/drama anime set in future Tokyo. Primarily dwells on four girls who combat mecha gone wrong in their awesome hardsuits complete with high heels. Priss is the most outstanding character although a lot of time is spent developing the other characters.

Great rock music... great chicks... scary mecha being pulverised and slashed... what more do you need?!
I wish I had a hardsuit with whips to combat my evil boss with like Linna does in Bubblegum Crisis.
by Muffin November 12, 2003
loving guys in your life who will do anything for you and love you unconditionally. they are there for you to hug and tell secrets to. most of the time they listen. boyfriends are great!
i love my boyfriend....he rocks!
by muffin February 23, 2005
a savoir from a futile past of dial up internet.
The cable guy is my hero.
by muffin July 22, 2004
(verb) when someone excessivley throws up their dinner due to drunken illness
the vomit shower rained upon us after marge danced around for gushers

also see Maggie Wilcox
by muffin February 14, 2005
When you download the Google Toolbar, there is an option that Google gives you to let them spy on you... er, rate the pages you visit. That is called the Google Scale. Ahem.
*sings* Sometimes I feel like, my Google Scale's watching me.. *stops singing* Oh wait, it is!
by Muffin November 04, 2004
the act of making an action positive, therefore indicating acceptance, approval, or affirmation
Positate the negative!
by Muffin March 04, 2005
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