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animals in your brain...... similar mexican slang for ¨what the hell is up with you¨...... a crazy person
that guy has chimpuales en el istafiate, hes been jumping up and down since the morning
by mufasaman22 July 28, 2009
three defnitions 1: mexican slang for penis, verga is a much offensive word 2: tip of a boat... in some mexican cities it meas the ¨tip of a boat¨ 3: place used in a boat to look for land, usually used in the old times, when christobal colombus ¨land ahead¨...
1: Dude, just go suck some verga and leave me alone
2: Marine, go to the verga and tell me what you see
3: go up the verga and look for land
by mufasaman22 July 28, 2009

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