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The shit. An amazing town in south jersey near philly.
Stoners outnumber 'good kids' 5 to 1
The greatest carnival in the history of the world is held in Marlton at the end of every summer where half the kids there are drinking vodka out of soda bottles or were already fucked up before they got there. The parties are like nowhere else, anyone in high school can get weed, alcohol, or vikes in less then an hour. at first most people might seem like pricks...but pretty much everyones chill when you get to know em. alotta people are actually jealous of Marlton being that we party harder then alot of other people, and often end up ruining there parties when we go becuase they dont know how to handle mad drunk/high/ all around fucked up kids. also people dont fuck with marlton cause we will, and have walked across twnshps to fight other people. moslt our main goal is getting high and having fun, the stoners outnumber the alchoholics but if your a stoner you still will drink your ass off anyways after smokin your blunts. our weed is actually 10x better then anywhere else just because its marlton and marltons the shit. L rides and midnight blunt runs are a daily thing, and even the goody goodiest in the whole town drink more then the so called "partiers" in any other town in sj. kids here arent preppy or stoner or any of that shit...we do what the fuck we want and wear whatever the fuck we want (usually sweatpants and white t.) Cherokee High School is also the shit. we aint wiggers or think we're black or any of that shit, were just that cool. basically, marlton is sick... if your ever in marlton..hit up your nearest high school kid and your guarenteed to find a party in less then an hour.
mt laurel kid: damn them fucking marlton kids..they came to my party, trashed the shit outta the place, drank all the beer, and left smoke stains all over the walls.

moorestown kid: damn i wish i lived in marlton and not little faggy rich stuck up moorestown, they party 1000x harder and better then we ever will

born an raised medford kid: damn marlton, i wish i lived there so i could have fun at night insted of sitting around with all my gay friends wearing richass clothes and playing soda pong

Marlton kid 1:
*while passing blunt- yo you wanna go get fucked up, then gather everyone up and take ova that voorhees party?
Marlton STONER#2
nah we did that to voorhees last week lets do it to someone else this week, and my boi has a couple 30 packs so well finish that get a lil buzzed, get that good bud, sprinkle a lil white on it get stoopid and THEN fuck the party up

by mtown4life November 27, 2008

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