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A wealthy suburb of Birmingham, AL (it is actually technically its own city). It is the wealthiest city in Alabama and consistently ranked as one of the top 15 wealthiest (per family) cities in the nation. Mountain Brook is home to most of Alabama's "elite."
There is one high school (Mountain Brook High School), one junior high school (Mountain Brook Junior High), and four elementary schools (Cherokee Bend, Crestline, Mountain Brook, and Brookwood Forest).

Mountain Brook is known for its lavish lifestyles, Christianity (although there is a thriving Jewish populace in the city), conservatism, worship of Alabama and Auburn football, and its country clubs (Mountain Brook Country Club and Birmingham Country Club to be more specific). Mountain Brook people are pejoratively known as "brookies" by other residents of Birmingham. Famous people from Mountain Brook include Natalee Holloway and Courtney Cox.

Detractors of Mountain Brook are quick to point out it's "close-minded, ivory tower mentality," while its fans praise it for it's "good education, low crime rates, and overall safety."

Mountain Brook stores are organized around 3 "villages:" Crestline Village (where city hall is located), Mountain Brook Village, and English Village. Many Mountain Brook residents also shop at the nearby "Summit," which is not technically located in Mountain Brook.
Rebecca: Hello, I just moved to Birmingham and I was wondering where I can find good public schools for my children?
Bobby: Mountain Brook has the best public schools by far! If you can afford a house there, I suggest you buy it so that your kids can enjoy this great education. It also would be a very safe neighborhood!

Christina: Oh my gosh look at those 7 Jeans! I wish I could get them!!
Amanda: Silly Christina; we live in Mountain Brook. We CAN get them!!
by mtnbrook boy August 18, 2010

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