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Something that helps those long 8 hour days staring at a computer screen working on that WENUS report.

A video, news article or traveling gypsy show outside your office that makes the day tolerable by giving you a few minutes requiring no concentration what so ever. Baby Boomers used to have a daybreaker at the water cooler talking about their golf game and some dude's ugly kid.
Dude, I was just about to zone out when my BFF sent me this awesome daybreaker link to a pygmy and a rollercoaster.

Every now and then, I search the web for a daybreaker to wake up the staff. Best yet was some guy suing BMW for the motorcycle seat giving him a 20 month woody.
by mtnaggie May 01, 2012
Individual or Company dedicated to assisting the nascent entrepreneur with both the sourcing of capital for a new business venture, as well as providing a sounding board for the entrepreneur to gain guidance from their similar experiences in business.

The combination of an investor and a mentor. The investor provides capital for a business to fund growth. The mentor provides solicited guidance to another drawing upon the own personal experiences.

Frequently, an investor works to maximize their own rate of return on their investment. This singular focus negates others benefits such as the new entrepreneur's own success in the starting of a new or innovative business idea.

A mentor provides perspective to the uninitiated from their own experiences. The mentor's role is one of historical experience so that the apprentice does not have to fail to learn a lesson.
The business college has found an investmentor for our new business. She has many years of experience in this field, and is willing to help us with our working capital needs until we can be profitable.

The investmentor did not try to run our company, but presented us with several ideas on better business practices. He also was willing to lend us some of the initial startup costs at a reasonable rate when the banks all turned us down.
by Mtnaggie January 11, 2012

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