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Suicide is not a joke AT ALL many people mock it and say "emo depressed fags" only commit suicide This got me pissed off to the max I had a bestfriend who I spent my whole life with ended her life...only god knows why...people who consider suicide or commit suicide do it because they most likely are in a living hell in which they can not anymore im not suicidal or even defending suicide all im saying is people should not mock suicide because it really does happen people dont threaten to commit suicide for attention or because there "fake" they do it because somebody or something was ruining there life...how fucking bad would you feel if you made fun or mocked a person threating to commit suicide ended up dead...youd feel like a scumbag...Moral of the story suicides real not just a thing people threaten to do for attention
Cathy commited suicide i had made fun of her because i thought she was seeking attention ill never be the same
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