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A diminutive form of the word "fag" or "mcfaggot." Could be used as a joke, not intended to be serious. Used in any random situation except with someone in authority.
Spencer - "Hey Stamp, make more coffee!"

Stamp - "Why don't you make it yourself mcfaggles!"
#fag #gay #mcfaggot #faggle #fogley #mcmuffin
by msumaltman December 23, 2007
One who copulates with several women. Much like a sailor goes place to place, a tunasailor sails from "fish to fish" or woman to woman. Has no standards whatsoever in where he sails.
"Did John stick around for the afterparty?"

"Are you kidding?! That tunasailor is probably on his second fish of the night!"
#tuna #sailor #manwhore #manslut #bucketslut
by msumaltman December 23, 2007
The death shredder is when someone holds their own penis and a second person (usually another male) moves the first person's arm up and down manually, thus "helping" the person masturbate. Since the second person isn't touching the penis directly, it isn't gay.
During the drive to Maryland they got really bored and so Bill gave Jordan a death shredder while I was driving.
#masturbation #jack off #non-homo #borderline homo #fag
by msumaltman September 22, 2009
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