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OPC is an abbreviation for the phrase "One Pump Chump". A man who can only last one pump inside of a woman before he blows his load and can no longer have sex.
jessica: hey, so have u done it yet with drake yet? hes hott!
angelina: yeah.
jessica: so... how was it???
angelina: brutal! he's a total OPC!
jessica: that blows. literally.
by msbairds April 04, 2010
abbreviation for No Vale Dick. A tex-mex slang term meaning Not worth Dick.
1girl: Have you seen spencer?
2girl: Nah, last time I saw him, he was doing the beer bong.
1girl: What?? Why didnt u stop him? You know once he hits the beer he can't hang for shit. NVD when it comes to that.
by msbairds May 04, 2010

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