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Hot poop refers to a person who is arrogant. Some one who is "hot poop" is commonly seen as a douche.
If someone is "hot poop" AT something, they think they are really good at it or they did something really good having to do with it. If someone is "hot poopin' it" they are acting hot poop. The term originated from hot shit which means the same thing except is inappropriate to say in front of one's parents or a figure of authority. Common abreveations for hot poop can be "Hot" "Woah! HOT!" "HP" "HP Pentium proccessor" "steamy" "flaming magma poop" "hot diah" When two or more people are "hot poop" and their "hot poop"-ness is amplified by the presence of eachother, this is called a "hot poop fiesta" These fiestas commonly include white people calling eachother "nigga" and video taping eachother so they can put it on facebook later.
Jake: whats up nigga?
Rafi: I'm not your nigga and you are very white.
Jake: Shut up nigga!
Rafi: i fuckin hate you
Jake: Rafi, you want to be me, I'm filthy at basketball.
Rafi: Holy shit you are such hot poop!

Jake: Yo waddup nigga
AJ: Nigga get this on video I'm bouts ta dunk right quick
Jake: aight nigga I'm gonna put these on facebook
(AJ misses the dunk)
AJ: fuck nigga lemme try again this is fuckin easy
Rafi: holy shit, FIESTA
Jake: shut up nigga you're a fiesta

Jake: my jumper is fucking wet!
Rafi: woah-
Jake: (cuts him off) yeah i know hot
by ms roux is a crazy bitch July 02, 2010

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