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Pony Boy's are recent occurence and are positioned midway between trendys and townies as they share some parts of both and can mix easily with both groups.

Pony Boy's look exactly the same as male trendys but are different as they are often not intelligent, decent or friendly. They are sports obsessed, sex obsessed to the point of being manwhores and enagage in male bonding activities (such as teabagging and mass nude showers) that can often cause closet homosexuality.

Pony Boy's are often the mature form of a chav, a corrupted trendy or a more fashion concious townie

To put it simply, pony boys can be excessively vain and act like twats yet still attract trendy girls better than any townies.
Person 1: Look at him! He shoved his arse in my face the other day. How can he get such a hot girlfriend?
Person 2: That's pony boy's for you.
by mrtruth May 26, 2008

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