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geha 11 is a famous rap tape by dave hallam.
my brothers, you know this shit, you knows whats going down. this is the geha 11
by mrskag March 28, 2007
muffmangler is when you nail a chick SO hard it fucks her muff up (mangled)

dude, i was banging this chick so hard last night she cant walk.

person 2:

you fucking muffmangler!
by mrskag March 28, 2007
An act where one is highley intoxicated (see "Don Piano") also may be known as a bumhole surgeon. Generaly when someone is involved in this act it is due to spending too much time at ours house.

Luigi, your mother is a bloody aardvark!

Fuck off Ben Hodson, you bloody bumhole surgeon.

Luigi: hmmm Bumhole Surgery
by mrskag February 05, 2008
when your so drunk, you cant get a boner LOL!
go out, pull i chick, take her home... and alchoflop UL M7!!
by mrskag April 16, 2007
a motherfucking fucker
i like to fuck

therefore i am a Bush Basher
by mrskag July 31, 2008

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