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a drag queen that is very flambuoyant, and you want to burn there outfit very badly like a dragon would.
OMG ,Paul is wearing that pink skirt and blue heels with purple nee highs. i just want to dragon his outfit.

That guys outfit is so dragon.
by mrs yuck April 02, 2005
a really glamd out band in the80s. They are not metal i repeat NOT METAL!!! one of them is a judge on nashville star! they wre to much makep. what girl(or guy?) would ever sleep with them? I personally could not be with a man that wears more makeup tha me.
That girl is wearing tooo much makeup. she looks a band member from Poison.
by mrs yuck March 27, 2005
He makes em say Uhhhhhhhhhhh Nah na nah
"make em say uhhhhhhhhhhhh......"
by mrs yuck March 30, 2005
a band that is totally gay and is NOT METAL! i repeat NOT metal! they wear to much makeup i think more makeup that Kiss. the only song that is a smidgen good is "talk dirty to me" they talk about scorin with gropies. those girls(or guys?)must have been dumb,deaf,and blind to sleep with them!
that girl is wearing tooo much makeup, she looks like a band member fronm poison.

Bret Michels is on nashville star its almost lamer than being in poison!
by mrs yuck March 23, 2005
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