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An awesome guy that rides aroud in a Pope mobile because he got shot. He actually went to prison and personally forgave the guy that shot him. Thats love.
The pope is the "godfather" of the catholic church
by mrs yuck March 31, 2005
a really bad singer but kinnda cute?
That cute guy wears a black bob dylan tee shirt every week though i do not like mr. dylan the guy who wears it is a diffrent story.( hint hint)
by mrs yuck March 27, 2005
Okay i did Not mean that Bob Dylan was cute! I repeat did Not think he is cute I saw the wrong picture.With that said, he still cannot sing and is the worst singer to ever walk the earth (besides vanilla ice)
That Bob dylan cannot sing hes hurting my ears!
by mrs yuck March 29, 2005
A awesome show that should come on every day about the 80s and things that happened during that time. I has awesome people who talk about the 80s and the show is very informative.I really do love the 80s (I have a shirt that says so.)
I love the 80s is on and so is I love the 80s strikes back!

Snausages rock!

I wish I could be Jem and have an earring that turns me into a rockstar!
by mrs yuck March 31, 2005
An awesome singer that sings great songs.For example Viincent, And I love you so, and American Pie. Very cute(in his younger years)and totally rocks. Much much much better than Bob Dylan.
Its this song sooo Qool. yeah its Don Mclean singing.
by mrs yuck March 27, 2005
a random word that you like to scream
He was so millhausen!

that was so millhausen of you
by mrs yuck April 10, 2005
a fat creature who eats people and can not choose his ethnicity. he also says the word chode obsesively.and wears bright colors
here comes blob runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
by mrs yuck March 27, 2005

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