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A Youtube poop is a video on Youtube usually lasting around 2-6 minutes, of random/humorous clips recorded off of bad games or TV shows. These include, but are not limited to, animated scenes from the Link games for the CD-I, the Super Mario World Show and the TV show Sonic the Hedgehog.

Youtube poops has now become enjoyable to people who like random funny entertainment. In fact it is so popular now, people have made websites which may include poops of some of the most famous "poopers."

Amateur poopers may make random clips that are slow a lot of the time, bizarre effects, or too much repetition. They usually state that this is their first poop to notify people to go easier on the comments.

Most poops are made with Windows Movie Maker because it's free and does what is necessary for any poop. Better poopers may use movie programs you would have to pay for, even a good quality program such as Sony Vegas to include powerful effects like putting an image in or VIV (video in video).

Popular catchphrases in Youtube poops are beginning to grow. The most popular ones would be: "Mama Luigi", "You must die", "Spaghetti", "TOAST!", "Mah boi", "Pingas", "Dinner", and many less popular ones like: "(I'll grab my) stuff!", "It burns!", "Illegal you know." and "Check out the enclosed instruction book." Though many other phrases are learned by watching lots of Youtube poops.
A Youtube poop is a video to watch when you're on drugs and bored with nothing to do. It just won't be as funny then.
by mrrhq July 29, 2008
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