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also known as i>u. there are many meanings to this like its mathmatical aspect as the value of I is greater than the value of U. more likely this will be heard in a game when some pussy ass noob gets a lucky shot and gets cocky.
pro:wow lucky shot
noob:all skill baby, i>u
pro:dont falsly use the ultimate inquisition noob
by mrnoname98 January 10, 2009
a sport played with a normal normal ping pong table, no net, and a plastic air filled ball about a foot in diameter.

the game is played by starting like a normal game of ping pong with no paddles, but as the game progresses the player gets the urge to hit the ball as hard as possible at the opponent, this game is engineered to meet the players need of striking the opponent with the ball. Hit the ball as hard as possible at the opponent any time you want to.
man 1: this sure is a fun game

man 2: Bree ball would appear that way, wouldn't it
by mrnoname98 February 17, 2010

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