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A name used mostly to describe an adored, red-headed female. Shaylyn's are typically beautiful, intelligent, and superior creatures, crowned and designated by their glorious shining headsuits.
In addition to the obvious red hair and amazing personality, a true Shaylyn can be determined by the following:
outrageously porcelain and perfect skin
amazing body
gorgeous face
brilliant eyes.
A Shaylyn can always be found making the most humorous and interesting conversation in the room.
Shaylyn's usually have the most handsome boyfriends.
doug-"wow, I just adore that porcelain skinned, red headed beauty over there with the amazing personality and brilliant eyes. she's so smart and funny! plus her headsuit is magnificent! I should go talk to her."
doug's wingman-"nah b, she's way out of your league. She's a pure Shaylyn...anyway, she's with that stud standin next to her. give it up, bub"
by mrmerman February 05, 2010

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