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A trophy shag, to sleep with a star or very posh person who is very inaccessible.

You would then tell all your friends and effectly wear the "trophy" around your neck.

Pippa Middleton would be consider posh and inaccessible due to her sisters recent marriage...hence pippa-bling
Friend A get's phone out to show friend a picture of the very posh girl he slept with last night who his friends doubted he'd ever do due to her extreme posh-ness

A: Check out the pippa-bling I got last night!

B: Dude she is well posh....I never thought you'd nail that!
by mrlambo May 11, 2011
Name given to a someone who can't help but get more than one cakes when ever there are pastry based treats available.
Person 1: I think there are cakes in the kitchen.

Person 2: Really?! I'm gonna check it out.

Person 1: Oh look at this, here comes 2Cakes!

Person 2: I couldn't help it...I wanted the Apple Danish but then saw the Maple Pecan Tart!
by mrlambo January 08, 2014
Someone who goes for a number two at exactly the same time every day. They are so punctual that EVERYONE knows where they've gone!
Example 1
Person 1: Abel is such a punctunal-pooper!
Person 2: i know blud, i swear mans could set their watch with him.

Example 2
Person 1: Where's Abel gone.
Person 2: You know where blud!...it's 14:30!
Person 1: That dude is such a punctual-pooper.
by mrlambo February 02, 2012
Used when referring to completed Nandos loyalty cards
A: Check out my cha-bling!
B: Whoa you got a free chicken comin' dude!
by mrlambo March 11, 2011
Someone who has to look up every slang term they hear on Urban Dictionary.
Person1: It's just nasty when theres tagnuts stuck to the biffins bridge.
Person2: What?...hang on let me UD that
Person1: Mate you got a UD tic!
by mrlambo April 18, 2012

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