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3 definitions by mrhines

Dealing with an issue by removing the head of the problem, usually refering to decapitating an individual, but may include the take down of a government or corporation by removing it's leader(s).
"Sneak up on the sentry, cross the I and signal us up."

"Looking through his scope, at the Minister's head, he chuckled at the thought, when I pull this trigger, I'll have crossed the I and dotted the tee at the same time. Won't my fourth grade teacher be so proud..."

Cross the I in Iraq and get ready for a clean-up.

Cross the I in R&D and watch that company fall.
by mrhines February 05, 2010
1. Thriving off of being a "surviver" of some nebulous problem, usually a trumped up issue to justify inappropriate behavior.

2. Thriving off of being a victim.
"Joan has practically taken over group therapy from the therapist. She has organized a charity and three support groups, since she recalled her 'childhood trama'."

"She sure is getting a lot of mileage off it."

"Yeah. She is Surthriving, alright. She did this when she discovered she was 1/32nd Native American and again, when she heard about people using live dogs as shark bait. She is a Surthriver..."
by mrhines February 28, 2010
A group of people (citizenry) that have joined together under a common goal of achieving a better way of life, using a model of government more suited towards their common beliefs. This is usually done through the Internet; however, other methods of communication are possible if limited. The goals of these Virtual Nations can vary radically, but some level of group sovereignty is professed despite no physical territorial boundaries.
Examples of Virtual Nations include: Al Qaeda, Virtual Nation, Second Life.

Though they all have radically different purposes and are in no way related to each other, they all share a similiarity, in that they are {Virtual Nations} to one level or another.
by mrhines March 08, 2010