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Someone who looks like they are prepared to climb a mountain in everyday situations such as going to the supermarket or watch a film at the cinema. But they never going hiking
A Hikee wears practical hiking clothing in urban areas. Even thou they are not going to climb a mountain or walk across some vast stretch of land miles from anywhere.

They might wear clumpy hiking shoes, water proof trousers and carry a ruck-sack with a water supply in it accessed through a straw in urban environments such as town centers. Overly dressed. Hikees are like Pikeys of the urban world, but never go hiking, just want to be pratical.
by mrhappybond November 04, 2009
Someone who is overly dressed and prepared in hiking gear whilst walking around town centers. But never actually's goes hiking. The pikey's of hiking, Hikees.
Why walk around town dress like you are going to climb mount Everest but never go hiking,. thats why they are urban Urban Hikee's
by mrhappybond November 04, 2009
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