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Italians have the 7th highest GDP in the world and the 4th highest in Europe, almost exactly the same as the UK. The average Italian has an IQ of 102, the highest in Europe, tied with Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, making it higher than the UK, France, Sweden, China, THE USA, etc. Most Italian-Americans come from Sicily. Most Italians DO NOT consider Sicilians Italian. Sicilians are Italians heavily mixed with Arabs. Sicily was also once a prison island similar to Alcatraz and when Italy stopped financing them the prisoners were released and built communities there. When you ask people from Northern/Central Italy if Sicilians are Italian they will definitely say no. However Sicilians mistakenly call themselves Italians so that they can sound higher up the social scale, which is bad for real Italians as all modern day stereotypes stem from Sicilians. Historically, almost every mobster has come from Sicily as organized crime was common there. Al Capone, the Gotti's, the Jersey Shore etc. are all Sicilian. Northern/Central Italians are the same skin color as Germans but have darker hair and are usually hairier, like the French. Milan (Northern Italy) is one of the most powerful and wealthiest cities in the world and is the fashion capital of the world along with NYC. If you ever go to Northern Italy you will also notice that many of them are very nice/accepting and soft spoken.
American: You have family in the mafia?

Sicilian: Oh yea, you know us Italians.

Italian: Where in Italy are you from?

Sicilian: Sicily.

Italian: EXACTLY.
by mrh310 May 11, 2010

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