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1. An unusually intelligent, popular, and attractive girl or woman, especially the most attractive of a group.
2. A young lady of superior beauty and attractions; a handsome lady, or one who attracts notice in society.
"She is the smabell of the ball."

1. In a sarcastic manner.
2. Keen, sharp, wry, or witty.
"She has a very smabell sense of humor."

3. Slender or shaply in appearance.
"Wow, look at the curves on that smabell girl!"

4. Characterized by a lack of friends that are very creative or imaginative when playing practical jokes. See other definitions for smabell.

1. To move in an alluring manner that entices.
2. To spend quality time with that special somebody.
3. To experiment and explore sexually.
"You should have seen it man... we smabelled all night long!"

French, beautiful, belle. From Latin bella, feminine of bellus.

SMABELL - Sexy, Methodical, Assertive, Bitchy, Erogenous, Lusty, and Lithe

belle, WV (town, FIPS 5836)
Location: 38.23250 N, 81.53986 W
Population (1990): 1421 (688 housing units)
Area: 1.8 sq km (land), 0.2 sq km (water)
Often heard in the high society conversation of West Virginia... "So where are you from?" "uhh..." *scratch ass* "i froms ma bell."
Heard equally often as the response to, "So, who do you work for?"
by mrc13an May 21, 2003

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