6 definitions by mrbond

noun - One who constantly has men insert their penii into one's mouth foir scoffing purposes
nattydred you are such a cockscoffer.
by mrbond May 03, 2003
'verb' To jerk ones cock under water - derivative of snorkle and jerk.
'noun' Slang, insult - to incriminate someone as an underwater wanker.
He jerklecocked his own asslick in the swimming pool

Nattydred is a jerklecock.
by mrbond May 03, 2003
to rim someone who has Diarrhea
Joe Rimmed Bills ass, he's such a skankrimmer.
by mrbond May 04, 2003
Someone who looks like a gee
Jim decided Bobby was a cockinsfuck and didn't want to play with him any more.
by mrbond May 04, 2003
The one who this site was made for.
Nattydred likes little boys when they're using the urban dictionary.
He also fancies Minus1.
by mrbond May 04, 2003
one who is really fucking fugly
yeah that minger last night was bleeding pugfugly
by mrbond May 03, 2003

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