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Any one of a number of fantastical presuppositions promulgated by the fanatical neo-con religious right in an effort to avoid honest conversation about the issues in favor of fear-mongering and disinformation of the masses. Bitches.
i.e. Trickle-down economics, USA-PATRIOT Act, Intelligent Design, survived aborted fetus, Axis of Evil, Vice President Sarah Palin, etc.
"What about the growing threat of survived aborted fetuses?"
"Like you, you brain-dead moron? Everyone knows that's just a right-wing fairy tale."
by mrbesbol September 15, 2008
A person who takes extra bases in a softball game when his team is ahead by a large number of runs.
This typically occurs when the player legs out an infield single and becomes angry because the other team's poor-throwing defenders throw balls that nearly hit the cheeseball in the head.
Pitcher (after cheeseball in question is tagged out after trying to take another extra base): It's 14-2, Cheeseball!

Cheeseball: (muttered profanity).
by mrbesbol October 11, 2011

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