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The act of taking a shit while doing a cart wheel naked, not fully knowing where your shit will land.
Dude, your girlfriend is crazy! Last night, she did a cincinatti ferris wheel and it landed all over the place. Gross...
by mr_boatride January 05, 2010
A sexual experience where 6 or more men have sex with one another.
Hey, me and my frat buddy's went on a Mississippi boat ride the other weekend.
by mr_boatride January 04, 2010
Phone sex
Have you ever even seen this chick? Sounds to me like your just telefucking her!
by mr_boatride May 14, 2010
Reference to the 2004 tsunami where the Asians would run from the waves.
Watching all the waverunners on the news
by mr_boatride July 07, 2010
Dumb Nigger Look. The look an ignorant black person has where his lower lip just hangs
Dammit, I just caught myself with a huge DNL!
by Mr_boatride December 09, 2010
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