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A female who steals people away, keeping them in an unexplainable trance-like mood (usually stolen through a sexual act). A succubus (singular) usually preys on single men, generally your best friend or close family member (incubus). Trying to regain your status with your friend/family member is very difficult, and once the sexual acts begin, your chances of redemption have almost dissipated. Openly expressing discontent towards said succubus will only empower it, causing it to increase its efforts with your friend/family member. At this point, you have a better chance of surviving a nuclear blast than defeating the succubus. The best chance for defeating it, is if it somehow makes a mistake, insulting and dishonoring the incubus. Only if the incubus has morals, and a will stronger than its literal/metaphorical erection, will he stand a chance for surviving. If the succubus is not defeated, death is a certainty, whether you never see the incubus in it's original state of mind again, or it literally has the life drained out of it due to prolonged exposure to the succubus. Other tools of the succubi are lies, or extreme sexual dominance for the purposes of demeaning the incubus and overpowering him.
A male making a new female friend, who then ends up spending all of his time with her and abandoning his friends and family. "That succubus stole our friend."
by mrTea88 October 26, 2012
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