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Slang term for someone who is a member of a Spec Ops team.
Bjorn was an operator with the 10th group.
by mrPickles September 06, 2004
A popular method of clearing a room in a tactical assault. Used in IDPA and other shooting competitions
Matt sliced the pie like a true operator with his AR.
by mrPickles September 06, 2004
One who wears short pants, yells far too much, and is of the homosexual persuasion. Almost always owns very expensive firearms, but is unable to use them properly.
Bjorn acted like a German Scout Leader when he went to Area 52.
by mrPickles September 06, 2004
Anyone who owns Airsoft.
Gunnar loved to slice the pie with his tacticool airsoft MP5SD.
by mrPickles September 06, 2004

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