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2 definitions by mr. germany

Its a 2 day Party in radolfzell in germany. The "Party" is supposed to be a celebration of some religious thing in the town! But after a huge red-bull tent got build up the "celebration got more like a Party! So basically you come get drunk and leave, Its an amazing "Party". There always is a big firework and on the Promenade with lake view are like 100 of stands with food drinks and other stuff. There always is something going on at the konzertsegel. There are some other things like some boats with flowers or something but this is just so the old people think its a good thing the city is doing there. I thinks its a great party where you can get drunk but thats it. If you like 2 day partys go for its and google "hausherrenfest" it then sas when it is. just come by and get drunk!
by mr. germany July 17, 2011
Radolfzell is a city in germany. It is one of the most beautiful citys on the biggest lake of germany Lake of konstans. There are allot of really cool people and they try to be nice. But not allot of german people are nice. There are allot of old and really nice things around that town. It has a amazing lake and with good weather its the best place to travel to see a city other then berin or Munich. It is way smaller but just really shows how beautiful germany can be!
by mr. germany July 17, 2011