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An over rated director that makes the worst movies.
Far worst than that director from transformers who's name I can not mention at this time but is notorious for CGI, lots of explosions that are suppose to make up for the weak story lines.

M Night Shyamalan couldn't even direct porno without massive disappointment. At least transformers guy could make a porno that was ok the first time around, wouldn't be complete torture to watch again, And makes up for amateur mistake with excessive "explosions!"
Worst big budget movie in the world was made by

"m night shyamalan", and it was call "THE LAST AIR BENDER!!" Nuff said!
2 minutes in and I wanted to kill my self
by mr. freakish tongue lasher December 30, 2010
1) To ejaculate

(Not necessarily but usually done and said in a manner involving a situation when: Semen is released in large quantities, released internally, while relieving immense stress (sexual tension), in a single load. So basically to discharge sperm very aggressively inside of your partner's vaginal region or any other orifice that can be penetrated and or injected with semen "a big cream pie".)

2) A slang for Semen, brought about by the fact that semen seems to some what resemble plain yogurt (Gurt if shortened) when spilled on certain surfaces, and or when leaking from a woman vagina or any person's skin after sexual intercourse.
1) (Guy having sex with girlfriend) "Damn it! It's too much for me to handle even pulling out. I'm gonna gurt!"

2) (random dude) "Sorry I didn't mean to shoot gurt all over your sheets."
by mr. freakish tongue lasher February 06, 2011
1) An act of intense, aggressive, passionate, deep penetrating, hardcore, sexual intercourse where the female partner is overwhelmed to the point of orgasm, leaving her with a "pleasant soreness" in her lower regions. And also usually accompanied with massive cream pie spills.

2) A Massive usually uncontrollable cream pie bombing accompanied with deep penetrating thrusts and spills.
1) No man I couldn't settle for just banging her. Not the way that she had me going, so I went and spent all of last night making sure that I blew her guts out. She can't seem to thank me enough for that kind of sex.

2) That chick is way too much hotness man, I found my self blowing her guts out, when she told me not to. I couldn't help it man.
by mr. freakish tongue lasher December 18, 2010
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