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any guy at your job named Jay, Jeff, or Justin.
Jay's the new office jerk: totally anal-retentive, and a hopeless brown nose idiot.
by mr. buggaloo October 04, 2004
Sex with a woman having her period.
When I was fucking her, she was having a st. valentine's day massacre. My "al capone" was all red.
by mr. buggaloo October 01, 2004
Eva Braun knew how to give Hitler a good "shizer": the act of defecating on another person's chest.
Hitler couldn't get off unless Eva gave him a good shizer.
by mr. buggaloo October 01, 2004
Baby talk for "penis". Usually self discovered and "named" by male child beween the ages of 3-5 years.

Mother: Did you wash your 'lingaling', sweetie?
Little boy: Yes Mommy, I washed my lingaling.

Also called a "ling ling".
Mother to her little child:
"Did you wash your lingaling with soap, sweetie?"
Yes Mommy I washed my lingaling with soap..."

So on and so forth...
by mr. buggaloo October 01, 2004
a dog's name given to humans
C'mere Kip!...here boy...go fetch! Good boy, Kip!
by mr. buggaloo October 03, 2004
any guy with long nails and dirty hands and looks kinda spooked...
a street junkie with a crack habit and dirty ass nails...
by mr. buggaloo October 02, 2004
baby talk for "penis".
My "ling ling" is burning...
by mr. buggaloo October 01, 2004

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