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The source comes from a local legend named Tyler, who would exclaim, "HOH!" at anything he found to be proposterous or off-kilter. His group of friends began to use it and it became acceptable to convey any type of feeling.
"HOH, she's getting fucked in the ass!" or "HOH, is that Lindsey Lohan's nipple?"
by Mr. Pink August 10, 2004
when the penis is 3 cm around and about a two feet long, opposite of chode
do they really exist?
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
creepy dog who needs to actually die.
first dog i actually wouldn't mind watching die and suffer.
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
show that used to show on fox. great show until family guy came out, now the show is getting stale and old and needs to end.
i always liked family guy better
by Mr. Pink December 05, 2004
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