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a style of dress: pretty boy with "extra" accessories (large belt buckle, bookbag with no books, stooper-big watch)
Look at this guy, pullin a kanye: does he have to have the belt buckle with a pocket protector on it?
#diddy #fresh #dope #clean #extra
by mr wordsamillion! November 13, 2005
(v) - used primarily in multi-player videogames; in reference to someone who thinks they can take on the competition by themselves and goes on to do it alone; fighting numerous video game enemies at once; doing many tasks at once
* I need a team effort-if you're a ballhog, take your "he man"-ing tail off the court!

* We could pass this mission and get the bonus if these group members would stop tryin to "he man" the area!

* Im about to go he man this homework; too bad i don't have the sword to do it with...
#ballhog #leroy jenkins #beast #rush #offsides
by mr wordsamillion! November 13, 2005
just like grimace, but i had to link the word because i was typin fast & i forgot about the misspelling.....also means the typical demeanor of someone's face.
*You seen Ness from "Making Da Band?" Seen his grimmace? Looks just like Grimace from McDonalds!

*I seen him with his nonchalant grimmace, like he won't ever drop his solo album.
#grimace #face #dome #*not head* #mean mug
by mr wordsamillion! November 13, 2005
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