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the type of person who takes offense at the least injustice, slight, or bad turn of events, whether it be against him, or he happens to just be walking or driving by and notices it. he then confronts the situation either verbally, physically, or both. luckily this often occurs in physically smaller people. these people were usually bullied, beaten, or belittled when young and are often very intelligent with great, though sick, senses of humor, and well liked for exactly all of these reasons.

often these people are absolutely correct. they just overreact
the movie "anger management" has many good examples of a border patrol personality
by mr snatchural May 24, 2007
a group of people who routinely blow things out of proportion, particularly prevalent on special interest internet forums
hey weedz, this website is a psychodramaqueenery
by mr snatchural May 16, 2007
1.) foibled pronunciation of horrible by my asian girlfriend

2.) complete nonsense, inane, lame, unfounded, untrue

3.) horrible person

4.) general state of affairs these days
1.) mr duite, you are completely halibut

2.) that's halibut

3.) he's a big halibut

4.) it's all halibut
by mr snatchural August 25, 2005

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