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Used to describe someone overly large in height or weight. See Wardypookins
The seacow sat on me and it hurt very bad
by mr schlomo 2 October 13, 2006
A giant who is in under 15, he/she must be at least 6'0" 200 lbs. Preferably with the name Ward,Edward or Francis
Wardypookins sat on me and it hurt.

Wardypookins is like the lt,lg,c,rg,rt on the the offensive line in football because hes so big.
by mr schlomo 2 September 22, 2006
Uses when something bad happens. See Jewish
Mexican Fiesta! How did i lose in that game
by mr schlomo 2 October 14, 2006
Normally this word is used as an artificially flavored candy. Usually liked by kids.
Also refered in the song "Cnady Shop" by 50 Cent
Also this is a nickname fore Lyle Gernert. She is very sexy and loves to make purple.
The child licked the lolipop.
Lyle's nickname is lolipop
by Mr Schlomo 2 November 24, 2006

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