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Refers to a type of scrotum that is loose, long, and fleshy. The ballsac prominently descends, unlike the more average snug sac. This scrotum type can make more of an impression by slapping against a sex partner's chin, anus, etc. Often referred to as a 'set of' referring to the matched pair of balls in a typical nutsac. (It's normal for them to dangle at unequal lengths.)
Look at the set of lowhangers on him! I'd love to roll them around in my mouth and then feel them slapping against my tits when he stands in front of me and fucks my face.

He sat gingerly on the cold bus station bench to avoid traumatizing his lowhangers which were protected only by the thin barrier of his loose nylon running shorts.
#nuts #balls #scrote #sac #penis
by mr pinky June 02, 2007
A woman with such low intelligence and self-esteem that she believes only by letting men look at her twat and tits does she have any purpose in life. One small step away from being a whore, although she may have 'dates' with men she meets at the strip club that technically qualify as prostitution. May have an 'act' with props or gimmicks that basically make her look like a skeezy dancing cum-belching gutter slut on Halloween.
I don't give a fuck if Crystal is married and has 3 kids; she'll always be a stripper at heart, which means she'll always be a cunt, a skanky whore, and an STD-riddled cum dumpster.

Sorry I'm late, Craig. I was stuck in line behind a stripper who was paying with sticky, crumpled dollar bills. She acted like she just shot up and you could see her ripped panties hanging under her skirt. What a skank.
#cunt #whore #skank #cum belching trailer trash #burlesque
by mr pinky June 01, 2007
A guy who is able to stealthily infiltrate, using charm or bravado, almost any female's defense barrier, namely whatever pantywear is "defending" her lower territories.
Greg: Yo, Eric, can you believe TJ hit that blonde chick's gash last night?
Eric: Shit, man, TJ's a freakin' panty ninja.

Although Meegan was really a cum dumpster, she often acted demure so guys would feel like panty ninjas when she finally pulled down her drawers.
#panty mcjangles #undies #ho #hit #hit and split
by mr pinky June 03, 2007
To listen to a series of Madonna albums in a row (ideally, all of them); portmanteau combining Madonna & marathon.
That Madonnathon last night had me singing Borderline, Survival, and Jump at work all morning.

Society Matron: We are NOT going to Arvin's on Friday--he has another Madonnathon planned and I will not listen to that smutty Erotica album again!
#madonna #madge #vogue #pop star #erotic
by mr pinky June 04, 2007
Fun, lighthearted term to reference a female or gay male to whom you want to give a "shout out." Can be as innocuous as a "hey, you" or as intense as a "you're the shit!" Can be snazzed up by making the Miss into Ms.
Thanks for the fries, Miss Thang.

Look at Miss Thang with his new haircut.

Oh Ms. Thang, you so don't need his sorry ass.
#ms thang #miss ting #ms. thang #you go girl #foshizzle
by mr pinky May 31, 2007
Generic term for a generic male bodybuilder type who is dressed to show it all off. If he's not shirtless, he's invariably clad in a skin tight tank or t-shirt.
Elvina (fanning herself): I do declare! What was it we were speaking of before Chad Ripplechest came strolling across the veranda of our southern plantation?

Regina (whispering into the telephone): When they said they'd send a guy over to fix the cable, I wasn't expecting Chad Ripplechest. My panties are moistening!
#musclehead #bodybuilder #show off #male #nickname
by mr pinky June 04, 2007
Facetious term for lesbians. Used prominently by comedienne Judy Tenuta in the album title: Attention Butt Pirates and Lesbeterians. The word sounds similar to the Protestant Presbyterian sect, reinforcing the idea of describing a distinct in-group.
We were halfway through our appetizers before we realized that everyone else in the restaurant seemed to be Lesbeterians.

What is this, a Lesbeterian convention?
#rug muncher #carpet muncher #butt pirate #dyke #fudgepacker
by mr pinky May 31, 2007
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