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1 definition by mr invincible

can be a guy but 95% of the time itz a girl. usually a BITCH in the end when u realize u just got played tough by one of these sickening chikz.. lead u on to thinking your ganna score but in the end u get NOTHING. leaving in some case blue balls and pist as shit. They can come off as one of 2 people... either they act like a straight up HOE who will give it up to any guy n gets them to think that .... OR they can come off as really sweet girls even while in a long relationship with someone , and still they can tease and tourment the shit out of them. its stupid n slutty. Any guy whoz been in these situation n delt with these HOES knowz exaclty wut im talking about.They actually have funn doing this by the way, they crave the attention and in most cases get it. so get a REAL CHICK.
All this time shez been giving me these bullshit excuses as to why we couldnt ever just go all out n BANG each other.. but now i know shez just a TEASE and it's all part of her ACT.
by mr invincible May 25, 2009
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