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2 definitions by mr harley

a gremlin who lured metal man to her lair and got his fingers up her love hole for her efforts

commonly reffered to in the fables of aesop as 'gremmy'. the most widely known tale featuring the gremlin is the tale of the marathon, in which 'gremmy' cycles many miles, only to take her helmet off in the last mile and hurt her head.
the lesson: metal man will finger it better
"is that the same metal man who got fingered by the gremlin?"
"no stupid he fingered her"
"o yeh i forgot he has herpes"
by mr harley March 24, 2007
a subject taught by stoners and paedophiles
im a sociology teacher, man i love being stoned and eyeing up girls

e.g. "That Morgan, what a treat."
"I need a spliff... I mean photocopy some work"
by mr harley March 24, 2007